Want to take the a scenic route?

  • Want to take the a scenic route?

    Want to take the a scenic route?

    If you’ve ever gone on a long drive through our vast country with over 4 million-odd miles of roads and highways, there is no doubt you have seen some beautiful scenery. For the admirers of ocean scenes there are the pastel-green water panoramas beneath the Seven Mile Bridge through the Florida Keys. For mountain lovers, there is the Sierra Nevada with its beautiful Lake Tahoe and everyone ever down-shifting through this place can confirm that the altitude is worth it. There are also the beautiful painted hills of eastern Oregon for the fans of lonely, scenic and colorful spaces. To get to know the most beautiful routes through America we better ask the veteran long-haul trucker drivers.  Traveling down I-80 I stopped at truck stops and asked veteran drivers some even 20-30 years on the road for their opinion of the best American landscapes They offered their tips on their favorite landscapes from the beautiful California coastline to under the radar Rocky Mountain roads. Here are some routes you can take the next time you want to enjoy some scenery.

    The California Coast and Alaska

    One of the long-haul truckers Bob, with 19 years under his belt, recommends driving up the California coast particularly highway 101 with breath taking scenery. Also, Highway 1 up the Pacific Coast where you will go by the Golden Gate Bridge, there is endless beauty lasting for miles. He also states the Seward Highway in Alaska is as scenic as the California coastline that you have ever seen in movies. Starting from Anchorage to Seward it’s like looking at an endless painting of countryside splattered with animals everywhere and the occasional beaches.  It’s the best 2.5 hours of scenic motion picture you will ever see.

    San Juan Byway in Colorado

    According to Carl it’s not something you typically do as a truck driver but if you want to just have a nice drive with amazing scenery, you will never stop being amazed on the San Juan Byways.  Being about a day worth of driving but you will never get bored with the constant beautiful greenery around mixed with places that looks like a dessert or mountain peaks with snow. The little towns along the way and the winding roads, you will have to take your time but it will be worth it. There is no other place I enjoy driving through as much as this magnificent route.

    Going westbound Montana to Idaho

    Kyle considers the best route to be the 700 miles stretch of the 2 lane highway from Montana to Idaho.  The national forest that never seems to end, the beautiful mountain peaks.  It seems like never ending bliss along with the beautiful sun and endless sky. It’s just feels like you are one with nature.

    The smell of summer on I-70 from Utah to Colorado

    Kevin claims Colorado in the summertime is something everyone should experience with its breath taking high dessert and rock formations nowhere else to be found.  It’s all about seeing what you’re not used to.  For instance, I-90 in South Dakota the greenery you see while heading into the Black Hills is an awe moment, with scenery you have never seen before.

    The Appalachians all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico

    Ronald had his own story about the best experience he recently had when he was laid over in Long Island and got to hang out, for his first time in Central Park. A few days later he saw himself delivering at a place where only a fence was separating him from a beach on the Gulf of Mexico. In a few days he went from sitting on a bench in Central park to swimming in the Gulf. “I would highly recommend just getting in your car some weekend and taking a long drive like I did, you will get some dull places but you will get some magnificent place.”

    West Virginia full of Landscapes

    Regina seemed to be fascinated by I-64 in West Virginia. Being from Florida this was her first experience driving in the snow.  There is one spot on the route that you get to where its seems like a truly amazing painting of landscapes. Also, Lake Tahoe, driving in a truck she claims and being at eye level with ski lifts is like being on a roller coaster.

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